Mar 28, 2010

In no particular order

Some comical and not so comical pics that I found on my mom's computer...

This is me and my little brother Russ. I was so lanky as a kid I couldn't even stand up straight. ha ha ha ha!

Old family pic. NICE SHIRT DAN! (far left)

My first modeling pic. ha ha.

Check out the sideburns. Chattin with Emil Nasser. One of the winningest high school football coaches in the country. Also, he has had season tickets to the Arizona Cardnals since they moved to Phoenix and has never missed a game. Note: He lives over 3 hours from the stadium in Winslow! Rather impressive!

Colton made me an uncle, and braces made me nerdy!

Our family reunion this past summer...

I can't look at this picture of my dad and I fishing Warm River in Idaho without CRACKING UP! I look straight up ridiculous!

An old pic of Russ attempting to beat me up. ha ha

Some recent pics I've forgotten to post...
I had my friend Bonnie and her 2 kids over to do smores. Always a good time!

Grace and Tucker...
Making full use of todd's makeshift roping bull

Bonnie's so photogenic :)

Yo fitty... G-19 w/ banana clip
Every now and then I have to cover some graffiti in South Phoenix. Development went ape in this area during the housing boom! These homes are so nice but the neighborhoods are COVERED in graffiti. This is a typical home down there...

....this is around the corner from the house above...

... And this is the view out of their back window. A bunch of trailors and an ostrich farm. GARBAGE! Who buys a house here???

We had Ryan Gardner's bachelor party a few weks ago in the desert and J.D. printed this "theme" poster. Ryan approved! HILARIOUS!