Jan 19, 2012

30 IN 30 IN 3

From time to time I see, smell, hear, touch, taste, or do something that leads me to say, "I remember when... yada-yada-yada" More often than not, that "yada-yada-yada" is some long, drawn-out story that, if I'm lucky, leaves others laughing as hard as myself. So in an effort to simplify my stories, here's 30 RANDOM memories, told in 30 run-on sentences, delivered 10 at a time! Grammar gurus... close your eyes.... these are gonna burn!

1) I remember when I was about 12 and I was searcing through a tub of 5-cent pogs at Walgreens and a kid my age walked in and took 2 handfuls of pogs and ran straight out the front door screaming "I love pogs #%*(&#$!"

2) I remember when I watched The Mighty Ducks and it inspired me to grab an old purse from my sister's closet and fill it with dog poop and hang a dollar bill out of it and put it on the side of the road and sit in my neighbors backyard with my buddies and watch the magic of the movie unfold in real time, right before our eyes!

3) I remember when I was younger I walked by a neighbors open garage door and saw those hand held velcro nerf ball catcher things and I took them because I was going to san diego the next day and then I returned them to the same neigbors garage the next time I saw it open!

4) I remember riding my bike to the mall and buying the soundtrack to the movie "Selena" on audio cassette and then staying up late at night hitting rewind-play over and over until I memorized every word to the song "Dreaming of You!"

5) I remember when I was in middle school I saved my money from doing chores so I could buy a book of "your mama" jokes called SNAPS!

6) I remember when there was a nickelcade/indoor mini-golf joint in Phoenix, and I wemt with my older brothers and I spent every nickel I was given playing Street Fighter II!

7) I remember sleeping over at a friends house and being woken up by his mom at 8am on a saturday and being told "We don't sleep in on saturday's in this house, we clean" and then immediately grabbbing my sleeping bag and walking out the front door laughing out loud and thinking, "Woman, I'm not cleaning your house on a saturday morning!"

8) I remember going through a break dancing phase where I would come home every day from school and put on a pair of "And 1" warm up pants and an ugly warm-up jacket and practice break dancing in my basement for hours on end!

9) I remember renting the movie "3 Ninjas" no less than 25 times growing up and with the help of my little brother, reenacting as many epic fight scenes as we could!

10) I remember chasing a girl down the halls of church nearly 3 years ago and then inviting her to my house 2 nights later and telling her she looked "so hot" and then drooling over her for the next 30 MONTHS and then FINALLY putting a ring on it! I LOVE YOU BONNIE!!!!

Part 2 coming soon!


Aimilee said...

Congrats Scott! I miss hearing your crazy stories!

The LaLa said...

I'm so sorry to inform you that your future mother-in-law is a former English teacher. But I survived your story-telling, and I bow to your amazing recall of childhood memories. I expect to be entertained for years. Thanks for likin' it and puttin' a ring on it. Welcome to the family!

Russ said...

1. Dang those walgreens trips for pogs were sweet. i remember raiding dad's pop money to get those suckers.

2. that SHIZ was fun-nee.

3. are you sure you took those back?

4. i remember having to listen to that stupid selena soundtrack every single night. we did share a room until you were like 16-ugh.

5. "yo mama so fat she rubbed her legs togetha and bacon appeared"

6. Shaduken!- bring it Ken.

7. do kids still use sleeping bags?

8. Jamiroquoi - bust-a-move 2k. oh yea, i keep envisioning this light blue nike windbreaker... was that your or mine?

9. Tum-Tum. hahahaha

10. i remember talking about a book that had something to do with relationships and love and when selena and i told you to read it you said, "what i need is a book that tells me how to convince a girl to fall in love with me" - thank you bonnie. :)

ps wtf is "bogipar" - word verification is nutz - its like they come up with words that sounds like words, but theyre really not.

Dawn said...

I remember a cute, gangly kid with a great smile and a good heart who just wanted to be accepted and loved for who he was...and the person he could become. Thanks for bringing out the best in him, Bonnie! You both make a winning combination!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

ohhhhh mom! debbie downer.

i remember you memorizing the selena song. awesome.