Jun 7, 2010

Mountain Lions

I went camping last weekend with my buddy greg and we drove up on 2 mountain lions in the middle of the road. One took off pretty quick but I got the other on camera. Now if only I could see one during the daytime so I could legally shoot it.

Jun 3, 2010

Last month or so....

I took a quick detour to cottonwood last weekend on my way home from camping. I managed to get in a game of candlyland and some pics before skipping out.

Here is Rhett

And the rest of the crew....

I went to the Lake with Paul for the first time since his accident last year. It was a rather odd feeling as we drove out from the dock. Still something that has a lasting impact on my life.
The goal of wake surfing is to let go of the rope. Shows my skill level.

A couple weeks ago I went with my dad up to Washington to go turkey hunting. We stayed in a little cabin on the guide's property. We headed out about 3:30 am and got good position. My dad shot at one gobbler and missed. I never got a shot but the trip was INCREDIBLE! I seriously had the time of my life! The scenery and the family time are priceless!
Coulmbia River...

Multnomah Falls in Oregon..... INCREDIBLE!!!!

The view from our little cabin...

May was a good month!