Mar 13, 2012


At last... The final saga in the "30 in 30 in 3 series." 30 random memories, told in 30 run on sentences.

**Warning** While the events in this post are true, the visuals that follow them are for dramtic illustration purposes only, and were not actually taken during the events. With one epic exception... the family photo from Yellowstone! So without further procrastination... here's 21-30!

21) I remember being just shy of 6 feet tall in 6th grade and absolutely owning kids in tether ball before, during, and after school, and winning so much that the people in line waiting to play began making up rules to get me out and then they would all vote against me when I challenged the rule so I would ALWAYS lose!

22) I vividly remember having hour, sometimes day long wannabe ninja turtle battles with my little brother using vacuum cleaner extension poles and pretending to be either raphael with 2 seperate poles or combing the poles and fighting as Donatello!

23) I remember growing up, before Sunday dinners, my older sister Kerri would always need woken up from her sunday nap to eat, and nobody ever wanted to do it for risk of being verbally or physically abused, so my dad decided that because everyone was so afraid to do it that we would draw straws to determine the "lucky" winner!

24) I remember being at my grandmas and my dad asking my little sister Amy to get the wheat thins from the car and after 10 minutes he sent me out to see why she had not returned with said wheat thins and when I went outside I found Amy scared to death, still in the van, near tears, and when I asked her what was wrong she pointed at all the big black birds in the front yard and said she didn't want to get out of the van because she thought the birds were going to attack her!

25) I remember when I was younger my oldest brother Dan was babysitting me and my little brother and sister and after we refused to do a few simple chores that he asked us to do he uncharacteristically slammed a cup down on the coffee table in front of him, SHATTERED THE GLASS, and sent us running away in fear!

26) I remember being at home one night with my 2 younger siblings and my older brother Clint, and receiving a call from my neighbor informing us that a suspicious looking man was snooping around our front yard, so we called the cops and then the 4 of us hid in Clint's room in the basement while we waited for the police, and I was so scared I started to cry and Clint yelled at me, "Bucky! Stop crying! I have a baseball bat! I'll protect you guys from anything!" and thinking my brother was insane and then learning later that the person my neighbor saw was actually my dad looking at some of our trees while waiting for someone to pick him up out front.

27) I remember taking long family road trips to places like Yellowstone and being forced to take awkward family photos like this gem here!

28) I remember when I was in about 6th grade my dad brought home a box of telephones from his office and I took the box down to the basement and over the next couple of days I dismantled nearly every phone in the box and when my dad found out and got ticked off I said "Dad, I thought they didn't work anymore so I got curious and took them apart to see what was on the inside!"

29) I remember getting a techinical foul in a boys and girls club basketball game for arguing with a referee and then getting a second technical foul and being kicked out of the game for taking my jeresy off and then walking 3 and a half miles home because I refused to get in the car with my mom after she took the ref's side!

30) I remember when my brother Clint shot a monster bull elk and my dad built a sweet looking base for the mount and Marc Plunkett of Wildlife Safari Art in Camp Verde, Arizona polished off the base and finished one of the sickest looking elk mounts I have ever seen and all 9 feet of it now stands proudly in Clint's family room!

Let's face it... This one's worth 2 pictures!

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Allison Barry said...

It's memories like this that makes me want to have a big family. All except the waking up Kerri part.

Kerri and your mom are twins in that Yellowstone picture.